Human Ashes Scattered at Walt Disney World


The Examiner are reporting that once again human ashes have been spread at Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion attraction.

On May 15, 2009, another case of spilled human remains was reported at the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom. According to inside sources, EMTs from Reedy Creek and specialized Disney custodians worked for two and a half hours to clean the ashes out of the attraction, where they were spread along the Doom Buggy track.

The spreading of cremated human remains is not unusual at Disney parks, despite official denials. Disneyland has had numerous cases of ashes being spread in various attractions, though most commonly the Haunted Mansion.

Disney has refused to say weather any ashes found were from human remains or not and I doubt that this will be the last report of this that we hear of.

Maybe Disney should allow people to be burried at the Haunted Mansion sites…as long as they have thier tombstones kept in the same tradition as the current ones, you could have:

Here lies my beloved brother Bob
He killed himself when he lost his job
He left his ashes with his next of kin
So we sprinkled him on Space Mountain