Never built attractions in Disneyland Paris


I have had a big interest in Disneyland paris ever since my Father worked on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup’s ride back in 1992 (I always wanted my own “Opening Crew” jacket and poncho that he wears with pride in the parks)

Recently I’ve been investigating rides and attractions that we planned for Disneyland Paris but were never built. As a lot of you will know Disneyland Paris was originally called Euro Disney and suffered massive financial problems in the early 1990’s which nearly closed the park (and which are still a noose around the resorts neck). The result of these problems is that many attractions that were planned for the park were cancelled and some more were scaled back to keep costs down.

  • Main Street – An alternative Main Street, based around the early 1920’s/30’s. Imagineers had designed a main street set up at the 20’s-30’s , ruled by gangsters, jazz, cinema, with a totally different design.
  • Main Street Elevated Tramway – A Tram that would have run along Main Street, this would have been a great idea and I’d really have loved to see this one at DLRP. As proof that the best ideas never die…the imagineers actually used this design in the New York area of Tokyo’s Disney Sea park.
  • Discovery Arcade Automats Museum – A walkthrough featuring old cars and antiques…I beleive this was replaceed with the current Statue of Liberty diorama. This could be easily implemented by DLRP without costing vast sums of money.
  • Ariels Undersea Voyage – A Little Mermaid dark-ride
  • Jungle Exploration – A jeep ride designed for the park, similar to Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Guests would travel through a jungle covered by a glass roof and drive past giraffes, ride on a rickety bridge over hippos, and into an ancient temple where guests would encounter the “I Wanna Be Like You,” scene from the Jungle Book complete with audio animatronic monkeys, Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, and King Louie, dancing to the song. The jeeps would then be sent into a tropical storm where they would be chased by a large tiger. But luckily for the guests, the jeeps would find a safe way back to civilization.
  • Tarzan Coaster – The Tarzan “coaster” was envisioned to be build near Captain Hook’s pirate ship and using in part the Swiss Robinson Tree structure
  • Beauty and the Beast – A Tiki Room style attraction.
  • Discovery Mountain – A huge complex designed for Discoveryland that eventually did make the park very much scaled down from the original plans (Space Mountian)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure – Would have been a direct copy of Indiana Jones Adventure and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Shooting Gallery – Similar to the Frontierland shooting gallery, but with a Pirate theming.