Disneyland Paris – Beginners Guide to Staying off-site – Part One; Travelling


Ok, so you’ve made the decision to try Disneyland Paris staying off-site…first things first…we need a way of getting there.
For the full off-site experience you are really going to need a car, so let’s start with that.
Two ways of crossing the channel to France, Ferry this is the slowest way of crossing the channel, but certainly the most fun, and Eurotunnel:
1) P&O Ferries – Probably the go-to ferry company, literally everyone knows this company and it’s the one that most travel agents use, for this reason I personally wouldn’t. Prices seem to be very high during reasonable travelling hours; the ferries always seem to be packed with no-where to sit unless you pay for priority boarding.

2) Seafrance – Quite possibly the second major player in the cross-channel ferry department. Always been happy with the ferry but very disappointed with the price from Seafrance.

3) Norfolkline – My personal choice, ok they go to Dunkerque and it adds half an hour to your crossing but I’ve never paid more than £40 return with them, always travelling at weekends, occasionally on bank holidays and always at 10am from Dover and 10pm from Dunkerque. No foot passengers or coach companies are allowed to use the Norfolkline ferries which mean that there is always plenty of room to sit and spread out on them.
4) Eurotunnel – The other way of crossing the channel and by far the quickest, less than half an hour and you are on the French motorways. The Eurotunnel can be very expensive so always book well in advance and remember that you can use those precious Tesco Clubcard points to pay for the crossing.
Flying and the Eurostar are the two another ways of crossing to France, obviously these two options are going to leave you car-less when you arrive in France unless you rent one there which is going to limit the off-site places that you can stay at. For this reason alone I wouldn’t recommend crossing this way, simply as relying on the French public transport system if you can’t speak the language and during the rush hours could lead to a very un-enjoyable holiday.
So we have our crossing sorted…next we need to find a way of gaining access to the Disneyland Paris Resort!