A new season…a fresh beginning?


Well the beginning of August certainly comes round quickly…all the depression of the summer football break is now behind us with the big kick off only 2 days away for those teams in Coca Cola Leagues 1, 2 and the Championship. Obvioulsy the over-paid Premiership players need another week off.

For some teams this is the beginning of 10 months of Footballing heaven and for some it will 10 months of dissapointment, anguish and pure footballing hell. For my team, Gillingham FC, anything above the bottom 4 places in League 1 will be an excellent season. After a mediocre season in 2008/09 we ended the season on a good run and managed to climb into the playoff places…winning the League 2 Playoff Final 1-0 with a Simeon Jackson goal in the 89th minute…now that is footballing heaven 🙂

For all those football fans I wish your teams the best of luck, other than against Gillingham obviously, and remember there is two whole years of football starting this week as we have the 2009/10 season, the 2010 World Cup and then the 2010/11 season.