Shocking Attraction Closing Times At Disneyland Paris

Unbenown to me my Mum and Dad went to DLRP for the weekend last weekend…needless to say I’m not happy that they didn’t invite us .

Back on topic my Dad made a list of attraction closing times on a Saturday in July

The Nautilus : 5.30pm
Honey I Shrunk the Audience: 6pm
Riverboat: 6pm
River Rogue Keelboats: 7pm
Story Book Land: 7pm
Casey Junior: 7pm
Alice’s Labyrinth: 7pm
Snow White: 6pm
Pinnochio’s: Opened at 3pm Closed at 10pm
Autopia: 9pm
Star Tours: 10pm
Swiss Robinson Tree: 10pm

With the Walt Disney Studio’s also closing at 7pm you have no chance of park-hopping over to the 2nd gate to avoid these closures.

This actually means that on a Saturday in the peak holiday season there are only 15 attractions open from 7pm and from 10pm there are only 5!


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